Propinas en santa fe

The form of tipping in Argentina differs from some countries, because although the award is added to the addition of the restaurant, it is common to let the waiter ten percent of the account.

It is also common practice to tip the “coolie”, “boot” or “rag” carrying luggage at airports and bus stations and railways.

If your hotel stay has been extended, it is also customary to tip service personnel who have attended.

Electrical current

The electrical current in Argentina is alternately 220 V 50 Hz. Ensure that your electrical appliances are designed to withstand this stress and, if not, use voltage transformers to plug them.

TV and video system

The video system in Argentina is the PAL / NTSC. Some LCD HD and DVD players, TVs allow you to view recordings on another system.

Conversions / Systems and units of measurement


La unidad de medida es el metro (m.).
1000 milímetros = 100 centímetros = 10 decímetros = 1 metro = 3,28 pies (foot) = 39,37 pulgadas (inches).


En Argentina las distancias geográficas se miden en kilómetros.
1 kilómetro = 1000 metros = 0.62 millas = 1.09 yardas


La unidad de medida es el Kilogramo (Kg.).
1000 gramos = 1 kilogramo = 2.3 libras.


La unidad de medida es el Grado Centígrado (°C).
0° Centígrados = 32° Fahrenheit.
100° Centígrados = 212° Fahrenheit.