General description

The hotel has a heated pool with solarium located on the 15th floor. Exposed the best sunshine and the most pleasant breezes, is the ideal place for a perfect tan while surrounded by the best panoramic city views, will not fail to offer an unbeatable atmosphere of relaxation and rest. 

Piscina InterTower Hotel Santa Fe

*on season: November 1st to March 15th.
*on long weekends

  • Type: Outdoor and heated from March to December
  • Maximum depth: 1,10 mts

Swimming pool regulation

  1. The usage of the pool is restricted to guests and members only. Use it at your own risk.
  2. Do not consume food or drinks in the pool area, and avoid entering immediately after eating any kind of food or drink.
  3. The use of the pool requires specially designed clothes for this purpose, please do not enter in lingerie or dress clothes.
  4. Glassware, such as containers, ashtrays, vases, etc are prohibited in the pool area.
  5. Our pool is not designed to practice diving, avoid doing so.
  6. We recommend not walking barefoot around the pool.
  7. Take care of your children, all minors must use the pool in the presence of an adult.
  8. The usage of the pool is restricted to the hours of service provided in these rules.
  9. It’s forbidden using balls, floating beds, and any other items that bother or pose a risk to other guests.
  10. We recommend taking a brief shower before entering the pool.