Anfiteatro Juan de Garay

This amphitheater was opened in 1963, has an occupancy capacity of 2000, and is a   center for the Performing Arts: Music, Drama, and Dance.

Costanera Oeste

An fine residential area grew on the banks of Setúbal lagoon, where later was built the West Promenade, one of the largest in South America, along with beautiful natural landscape, beaches, playgrounds, an impressive lighthouse, cafes and bars. While sightseeing, a panoramic view of the islands and the suspension bridges widen before your eyes. Continuing the tour along the promenade, you get to choose between different tourist spots: the Space Observer Center (CODE), the University of Technology modern stadium, the Fitness Center, an outdoor flea market of antiques, the Railroad Themed Park, and the Monzón Monument. But if it is not enough, half-way your tour you can enjoy typical fish dishes in a renowned restaurant. At the end of the avenue, the Artigas Monument stands surrounded by more restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops.

Costanera Este

An East Promenade with a casual yet elegant atmosphere for locales and tourists was also built on the banks of Setúbal lagoon. Beautiful palm trees, resting areas, a playground, a surrounding walkway and a cycle path, a natural beach, and a fishing area give tourists diverse options to spend daytime, but also fancy beach bars, restaurants, and dance clubs for nighttime. During the Summer pools are also available to enjoy with a spectacular view of the West Promenade and the Suspension Bridge at the background. If you are a nature lover, you can also enjoy the Hábitat & Desarrollo Foundation ecological reserve walking trails.

Parque Alberdi

This park is one of the latest renovations carried out by the Municipality and now gives shape to one of the most attractive meeting points for spending time with family. You can complete the tour visiting Plazoleta Suiza and its traditional pergolas, and Plaza Colón, where a pigeon shed, El Palomar, stands by a colorful goldfish pond.

Parque Juan de Garay

Located in the intersection of Paraguay and Salvador Caputto, this park grows a great variety of trees, flower gardens and pergolas. Playgrounds and the pond recreation area make it ideal for spending daytime with family.

Parque Manuel Belgrano (Parque del Sur)

This scenic park circles an artificial lake, surrounded by a running trail, an outdoor fitness center, playgrounds and sunbathing spots. Beyond the park, it is also worth visiting the yachting club.

Paseo de Las Dos Culturas

This tourist spot where two cultures meet has been beautifully-landscaped with fountains and lights and is the center of an important historical and cultural past. To the Southern corner, the Convento de San Francisco; to the North, the Museo Etnográfico y Colonial Juan de Garay, and to the West, the Museo Histórico Provincial Brigadier General Estanislao López set up in a small colonial mansion that dates back to 1700. A beautiful sundial stands half-way each building.

Plaza 25 de Mayo

The Old Town Square with its magnificent fountains nestled amongst a grove of green, leafy trees, ornamental plants and flowers is where the most important official events occur. It is guarded by significant buildings, such as Government House of the Province of Santa Fe, the Legislative Building, Inmaculada Concepción School, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and De Los Milagros Church. Four beautiful fountains, lush trees, palms brought from Paraguay and orange trees planted around 1883 complete the scene.

Plaza Pueyrredón

Every weekend, this square is home to Feria del Sol, where interesting handmade crafts are exhibited. This craft fair displays Santa Fe’s finest art made out of wood, stone, metal, paper, fabric, flowers, ceramic and it has become a traditional outing Sundays afternoon.