Av. General López 2720

Head highest authority of the Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, occupies the site donated by Bishop Gelabert. It was opened in 1943.

Basílica Nuestra Sra. De Guadalupe

Javier de la Rosa 623

Located in Javier de la Rosa 623, near Guadalupe, represents one of the most representative symbols of the Santa Fe faith.

The deep devotion to the Virgin, whose significance has transcended borders is reflected in the constant passage of parishioners from across the country year after year come to pay tribute in the month of May.

Basílica Nuestra Sra. del Carmen

La Rioja y San Martín

From 1889, the vault of the nave painted by Juan Cingolani in 1917 was especially noted.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Av. General López 2672

Declared a National Historic Landmark in February 1942, is located opposite wing Plaza 25 de Mayo and her title is “All Saints” that gave Juan de Garay as expense in the minutes capitulate. It began to be built in 1665 finally being completed in 1834.

Its walls are pressing Adobe and consists of three naves. Triangular pediment tops shaped like a weathervane rooster and compass wrought iron.

Among the beautiful and valuable works which have contained a crucified Christ in marble, the Cruz de la Vera Cruz and Dolorosa besides images of St. Jerome and San Roque, patron and vicepatrono of the city respectively.

College & Museum of Inmaculada Concepción

Colegio: San Martín 1540 – Museo: Av. Gral López 2545 – Phone: (0342) 459-5411 –

Belonging to the Order of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) his famous Patio de los Naranjos, during the colonial period and avipones mocovíes sheltered Indians and some constituents of ’53.

It was the first school in the country, starting to work as primary school level in 1610 joining the secondary level in 1615 and the third in 1873. It was from the beginning an important center of culture.

Museum Hours: Monday to Friday from 8-12 hours. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: closed.

Jesuitical Church Nuestra Sra. De los Milagros

San Martín 1580

Its construction began circa 1660. It is located opposite Plaza May 25 church retains features of religious architecture of the colonial period is the oldest of remaining in the province.

It features, among other relics, the picture of the Blessed Virgin painted in 1633 and, three years later, began to emanate an aqueous liquid without being able to justify the phenomenon. The incident was considered miraculous being certified by Notary minutes.

Church Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The temple dates from 1897. In it the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Child Jesus (XVII century) and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal stands. It also has a 1500 Italian organ pipes and the first image of Merciful Jesus that was in Santa Fe.