Cayastá (80km North)

Santa Fe La Vieja (Cultural Heritage of Humanity)

Archaeological Park: This archaelogical site belongs to the original settlement of Santa Fe City; where residences and the most important buildings were set up, the Cabildo and three churches—San Francisco, La Merced and Santo Domingo, where the remains of early inhabitants lie.

Archaeological Site Museum: Artifacts that were excavated by Zapata Gollán are displayed in a chronological order, beginning by the Aboriginal artifacts used before the Spanish colonization.

Vera Muxica’s Residence: It is a colonial house that recreates history (interactively) of colonial life during the first half of the 17th Century.

Rodeo Field and Festivals: Many decades ago Zapata Gollán and the Commemorative Association for the First Cattle Branding Performed in Río de la Plata started the tradition of carrying out two festivals each year.

In late June, the Cattle Branding Festival commemorates the first time a cattle branding was done in the Río de la Plata, in Santa Fe, 1576. Then, in November, the Provincial Rodeo Festival is celebrated closest to the Founding Anniversary of Santa Fe City, and whose rodeo winners get to represent the province in Jesús María Rodeo Festival in January the following year. Both Festivals portray genuine old rural traditions.

San Javier (156 Km North) 

Tourism Office: (03405) 424-706 –

San Javier City offers outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, adventure tours and water sports. Visiting the museum and the handicrafts fair, attending popular festivals, or just relaxing in contact with nature are also options to enjoy the city.

It is the birthplace of important figures, such as boxing champion, Carlos Monzón; poet of the coast, Julio Migno; and Alcides Greca, and who all belong to a rich cultural heritage of more than 260 years.